Cánon.com/íjsetup - Download and Install Cánon Printer Drivers

Cánon.com/íjsetup - Are you wondering how to set up your cánon printer? Don’t worry about that; you are in the right spot! Keep reading to know how to set up and use your cánon printer. Now, power on the cánon printer. Download and install the necessary printer drivers on your computer from the Download link given on this site. Otherwise, use the installation CD-ROM to launch the cánon printer setup driver.

Cánon Printer Driver Download from www.cánon.com/íjsetup

  • First and foremost, launch any Web Browser available on your Computer. For example, Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla etc.
  • Now, you must go to cánon’s Printer Setup website. For this, type in “cánon.com/íjsetup” in the Browser’s Address Bar. Then, hit the “Enter” key from your keyboard.
  • Next, you should look for the “Setup” button on the upper left-hand side of this webpage. Hence, click on it to open its Setup page.
  • The following window displays a “Search Bar” prompting you to enter your Printer’s Model Number. Hence, enter the Model Number accurately. You can find it on the front side of your printer. Else, you can check your Printer Invoice for the same. Then, click on the “Go” tab.
  • Alternatively, you can select your Printer’s Model Number by browsing through the list of options given on this window.
  • The following window will prompt you to specify your Computer’s OS. For instance, Windows or Mac. Along with that, cánon.com/íjsetup will also require you to select your Region and Country. Hence, make the appropriate choices on this window.
  • As a result, it will display a secure and latest Download link for the specified OS and your Printer. Hence, click on the highlighted “Download” button to initiate the downloading process.
  • Then, wait for the process to complete properly.

  • Install Cánon Printer Setup on Computer/Laptop

    1. Start the installation process by locating the downloaded cánon setup file.
    2. Now, double-click the Driver Software File and open it.
    3. Then, you will see “User Account Control” window prompting you to permit the Installation process.
    4. Permit the same by clicking on the “Yes” button.
    5. As a result, it will open the Welcome screen of the “Installation Wizard”.
    6. You will be asked to agree the terms and conditions of it. Click "I Agree" to continue the process of installation.
    7. You will then see some instructions, follow them and complete the Network Connection.
    8. Then, wait for the process to complete successfully.
    9. Finally, click “Exit” on the “Installation Complete” window.
    10. At last, restart your computer to complete the cánon.com/íjsetup process.

    Choose Wireless connection For “cánon.com/íjsetup”

    After that you will find a screen to click on ‘next.’ The MAC users will need to type the password because they will install the helper tool for you. In this case, you need to select a wireless or USB connection and you obviously need to go for a wireless connection.

    1. Switch ON the Cánon printer:

    Check if the printer is turned on otherwise the system does not work. So, before you jump to the next stage, you need to power the printer. You need to choose a cable that is less set up in the next option. If you are using Windows XP, you will be given the option ‘other setup’ instead of a less setup cable. You can go to the crucial step by choosing this option.

    2. Connection Via Cable less setup

    ‘Connection via cable less setup’ will appear on your computer and you have to select the Wi-Fi option. Make sure you hold an alarm lamp until it glows for the second time and it can be released.

    3. Flashing blue and green lamps

    You can note that the blue Wi-Fi lamp blinks and the green lamp blinks. If this occurs, the next choice can be chosen. Make sure your network link is solid, but you will notice the network leaving for a few seconds during this process.

    4. Agree on the terms

    After that, you will follow the steps taken to agree on a license agreement and to provide your area with the required information. You will see that the printer model name and the wireless network are on the screen.

    5. Complete the Cánon Printer Setup

    You can click ‘complete ‘when you see the wireless network with the printer model on the screen. The configuration of the cánon.com/íjsetup is done in this way. You don’t need to be an expert to do this, but anyone who knows how to use a computer can easily complete this setup. Whether you’ve bought a new printer or you’re using the older one, wireless setup can be very helpful to you. In this digital age, a wireless connection to a printer will help you make better use of it.

    How do I troubleshoot my cánon printer?

    Cause and Solution

  • Ink tank is empty.
  • Ink tank not installed in proper position.
  • Ink tank is not installed securely.
  • Unnecessary print jobs are left in queue / Computer problems.
  • The CD-R Tray is not set properly.
  • The printable DVD/CD is not placed properly on the CD-R Tray.
  • The machine is not ready.